Moboster – Remote Control Transportation | NewsWatch Review


Robotics is one of the hottest trends at CES. Well, one robot that’s creating a buzz at this year’s show is Moboster.

Moboster is a transportation platform that gets you from one place to another. Instead of adjusting balance like you do with a skateboard or hoverboard, you control where you go using a bluetooth remote.

“It doesn’t wobble at all, it doesn’t take any physical skills, you don’t need to balance, you don’t need to shift your weight. It turns by wheel speed difference, where one wheel goes slower, one wheel goes faster, it turns. So, it stays level to the ground at all times.”

But they aren’t stopping there. Moboster has future plans create hardware add-ons and dive into its robotic side.

“In the future, we are able to pair with different remote controls like a tablet, a phone, or even a smart watch. All it needs is something to give it commands.. go forwards, backwards, left, and right. There is absolutely no learning curve. We see people get on it and learn how to ride in seconds because it is so stable, it is so easy, it is so intuitive. Because it is software based we are trying to work with developers, so developers can use this software core and create add ons for it and it can have infinite amount of uses for it.” -Kevin Chiu, Moboster Co., LTD

If you want to learn about Moboster, head to today.

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