By: Nick Gambino

As in years past, NewsWatch is headed to CES 2017. In preparation for the tech overload that will rain down on the convention centers and halls of Las Vegas, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 highly anticipated releases.

Though CES doesn’t start until January 5th with pre-announcements starting January 3rd, we’ve got pretty good insight into some of the things that intend to wow us.


Sony always represents at CES and this year should be no different. We’re expecting to see the tech giant release their first OLED TV.

OLED, though expensive, produce a quality image that is actually worth paying for. LG is the only company that really makes OLED due to the fact that they’re the only company that’s managed to get it right.

But now rumor has it that Sony has struck up a deal with LG to release their own brand of OLED TVs. My money says we’ll see it at CES.

Samsung QLED TVs

Speaking of LED TVs, Samsung is expected to release their new line of QLED (quantum dot LED) TVs. These 4K HDR TVs would be the answer to LG and now Sony’s OLED takeover.

While Samsung revealed new SUHD TVs last year at CES 2016 and those TVs used quantum dot technology, it seems QLED will be the next step up to bring us into the future of crystal clear images.

Faraday Future’s Electric Car

The company has a countdown clock on their website tracking the seconds towards their big reveal at CES. So it’s safe to say they’ll be releasing something big. This is no doubt their first production car.

Seeing as though the company specializes in electric cars with their first concept car announced in 2016, the reveal of the actual car itself is a safe bet.

LG Phones

Okay we’re done talking about TVs but that doesn’t mean LG doesn’t have other gadgets to offer. The South Korean company recently unveiled their tablet, the LG G Pad 3 10.1 FHD LTE. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as “iPad”, does it?

Besides a display of the tablet we’ll probably see the six new phones LG has already confirmed for January. Six phones in the space of a month? Someone means business.


BMW plans to show off their new ultra-slick HoloActive Touch. The touchscreen works just like any other touchscreen display in a car, save for the fact that it floats in thin air like a hologram.

The futuristic display offers a tactile feedback every time you “touch” an option making it practical and safe while driving. Without feeling like you’re actually touching and selecting something, the odds are the display would go from innovative to irritating real quick.

While some of these reveals are confirmed (BMW and Faraday) others are still in the realm of rumor. But I’d say they’re pretty solid predictions.

These are just a few of the thousands of new toys and gadgets we’re excited to get up close and personal with in just a week’s time.

We’ll keep you up to date with on-the-ground reporting at CES 2017. See you in Vegas!



Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.