GetZENd – Relaxing Brain Wave Training | NewsWatch Review


It’s a new year so why not wipe the slate clean and decide to navigate 2017 with as little stress as possible. Here’s a neat app to help you with that.  GetZENd allows you to reduce stress, maximize your energy and improve your focus and clarity. Developed by Executive Consultant and Certified Success Coach Zahra Karsan, GetZENd provides simple guided exercises that use music to effortlessly ease your brainwave frequency into a more relaxed state.

“It firstly uses brainwave entrainment, so it literally helps your brainwave frequency zone in or tune in to whatever state of mind you desire. So, if you’re feeling distracted and you want to energize and focus, if you’re trying to solution a problem and you need to get into a strategic thinking space, it helps you do that. It helps you get into performance zone as well. It helps you release tension, reduce stress, and it helps you boost energy or set your intention for the day so you can figure out ‘how do you want your day to go?’ Do you want everything to come together effortlessly for example. So, it uses brain wave entrainment music, it also uses a number of other key techniques, proven techniques from the world of neuroscience and the study of success.” – Zahra Karsan, CEO, GetZENd  

There are several techniques employed in the app to help reduce your stress including “grounding with nature,” which allows your brain to resonate at the same frequency as Earth’s electromagnetic field.

GetZENd is available on iOS and Android devices for free. Head to the Google Play or App store to download it today or go to

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