Interlogix – UltraSync SmartHome | NewsWatch Review


While we love checking out new companies here at CES, one of our favorite things to do is to catch up with friends that have updated their technology over the past year.  One company that’s added exciting enhancements to their residential product lines is Interlogix, especially with the UltraSync SmartHome system.

We have taken a security platform that’s been available for a couple of years and we’ve really merged smart home capabilities into that. So, not only can you be notified if someone breaks into your home or if a fire goes off in your house, someone breaks a window.. but you can also have the ability to turn on lights, unlock doors, you can view cameras, all those things from your UltraSync SmartHome app. So, some new enhancements that we’ve made and that we’re showing here at CES are selectable backgrounds, we have some backgrounds that consumers can put on their app that make it look a little more consumer friendly – something that they like. They can also take their own photos and upload those onto the app. And then we are also talking to people about using timers and delays, and sunrise and sunset as ways to make their automations more helpful and user friendly.” -Warren Hill, Product Marketing Leader, Interlogix

“Ideal for modern families, the UltraSync SmartHome brings smart, cost-effective security and lifestyle management into your home and at your fingertips. Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your home systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so that your home responds to your unique schedule.”

If you’d like to learn more about Interlogix’s UltraSync SmartHome system, head to

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