iMCO CoWatch – Amazon Alexa Integrated Smartwatch | NewsWatch Review


Walking the floors at CES, it’s a good guess that half of the attendees have used or own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.  And while it’s an incredible device, the real power lies in the software Alexa.  Well, an exhibitor here called iMCO has unveiled the CoWatch – the first smartwatch that is integrated with Alexa.

“CoWatch is a smartwatch that iMCO launched last year in 2016, the key feature is the Amazon Alexa, this is the first smartwatch integrated with Amazon Alexa. You can talk to the watch and the watch listens and talks to you. The watch has a nice, beautiful design with a metal finish and coupled with a ceramic rim. (You can Customize your CoWatch with a custom-made ceramic ring that reflects your style and personality.) It’s like a fashion accessory to you. There’s a lot of every day use apps, for example: the weather and a fitness checker. And with the high rate monitor, you can control your smart home and other smart IOT things.”

“We will continue to develop future generation iMCO products, further improve user experience by making UI more friendly, adding more fashion elements, interacting better with IOT devices, and enhancing AI functions.” -Danny Dong and Eric Jin, Founder and Co-founder of iMCO Technology

Notifications include: Text, email, calendar, sport update, game score, phone app notification and more. Apps: Speed dial, IFTTT, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Weather, Calendar, Alarm, Timer, Music, Flashlight and more.

If you want to learn more about the CoWatch or to order one, head on over to

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