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Zmodo has been a leader in surveillance since 2009. They’ve taken their expertise in this industry and applied it to the smart home marketplace.  Here at CES they’re showcasing their complete product line – including smart cameras, thermostats, lighting, sensors, and more. Beyond being a one-stop-shop in home automation, Zmodo offers a full-featured app and robust and secure cloud service.

“So, we’ve got an entire smart home line showcasing more than 20 products that all work together on one app and with one cloud.” –Sandra Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer, Zmodo

Two of Zmodo’s standout new products are the Torch 360, a color-changing LED bulb with embedded camera, and the Greet Pro, a universally compatible smart doorbell.

“I think that we have about 30 new products this year.” -Dr. Kevin Wan, CEO, Zmodo

“And this year we are introducing the new Torch 360, which is a 360 degree rotating camera embedded in a lightbulb. Ss, you’ve got a color changing LED lightbulb the screws into your outside light socket and then it has a camera within it so that you can see what’s going on in your yard. Another really cool one that we have is called Greet Pro which is our new wi-fi video doorbell and that one allows you to receive calls on your smart phone when somebody rings your doorbell and then be able to see and speak to your visitor.” –Sandra Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer, Zmodo

“Here at Zmodo we are very passionate about home smart devices. I think that that is the future.” -Dr. Kevin Wan, CEO, Zmodo

If you’d like to learn more about Zmodo, you can head to today.

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