PillDrill – Smart Medication Tracking | NewsWatch Review


Remembering what medication to take or when to take it is a major issue in the United States that results in hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations per year.  To make this problem a thing of the past, check out PillDrill.  They’re here at CES and have been recognized as a 2017 Innovation Award honoree.

PillDrill is a smart medication tracking system. It is a device that sits on your kitchen or bathroom counter or bedside table or wherever you keep your pills. And as you go through the physical process of taking a pill you simply wave the container (whether it is an orange bottle or a cardboard flat pack) in front of the device, it registers the fact that you took the pill and then notifies loved ones that you took it, or didn’t take it. And one of the other things that it does to help the person taking the pill is it reminds them to do it in the first place. So, it reminds, tracks, and notifies, and does it very simply and doesn’t require any habit change.” -Peter Havas, CEO, PillDrill

“When a dose is due, the Hub captures your attention in three ways: the Hub glows teal, sounds an alert, and displays precise dosage information on screen. The message is loud and clear. But if an item has already been scanned at the time of its scheduled reminder, the Hub will remain blissfully quiet because it knows there’s no need to bother you.” 

If you want to learn more about PillDrill or to order one, head on over to pilldrill.com.

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