Boltt Sports Technology – Advanced Fitness Wearables | NewsWatch Review


Everyone here at CES knows how big the wearables market is.  We also know that it’s been slightly stagnant over the past few years.   Well, we heard about a company that’s trying to revolutionize the industry.  They’re called Boltt and they’ve just announced their line of advanced fitness wearables.  And we had a chance to catch up with them on the show floor.

“The Boltt assess the individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as the task of the individual according to their sport selection, age group, and their position. Through analytics and predictive analytics, the SSP platform is gauge the player readiness or lack thereof, as well as to offer a motivational tool in being able to realize important metrics that are necessary for that person’s sport and their position. We guarantee that training with this platform will result in a manifold of team performances and individual improvements. Our vision is to provide this solutions to schools and academies across the United State, Europe, and South Africa to begin with, but begin to revolutionize the field of tech enabled sports training for individuals that will actually participate.”

“Say goodbye to monotony and choose from hundreds of pre-installed workouts, millions of meal combinations and training plans. Crunches your health and sleep data to give you meaningful, actionable insights. Like a friend, B talks to you via texts. Assigns bite sized tasks everyday, with 24*7 support keeps you from falling off the track.
and motivates you to make smart choices throughout the day. Analyses your habits, sleep and activity patterns, gives actionable insights and guides you towards a better lifestyle. Tell B how your day was and B will guide you on how to make it better.”

For more information or to get your own set of Boltt wearables, search for Boltt on Kickstarter head on over to

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