Sunflower by ShadeCraft – Smart Outdoor Shade | NewsWatch Review


When you think of the outdoors, technology probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  Well, ShadeCraft, a startup tech and robotics company, is here to change that with their solar-powered outdoor products that connect people to the IoT using AI integration. One of those products is SUNFLOWER, which they just unveiled here at CES.

“Well SUNFLOWER is our first featured product that basically is the first autonomous shade system in the world. It tracks the sun, moves to the sun’s azimuth, and it has solar energy, connects people to the Internet of Things, and the smart home ecosystems through AI integration. It has onboard cameras for security, and image capture. It has speakers, lights, you can charge your phone on it, you can take it to the beach.. and it’s just going to change the way people live outdoors. SUNFLOWER is connected to the cloud through wi-fi, it also has a GSM component in it so you can actually get a provider like AT&T, it can be it’s own wi-fi hub. It has bluetooth so you can connect to the SUNFLOWER, speak to it, and say ‘can you please turn off my lights at home, turn off my air conditioning, open my door?’ while you are sitting outside in the comfort of basically a chaise lounge.” -Armen Gharabegian, CEO and Founder, ShadeCraft

Other accessories include, drink holder that will cool or heat your beverage. SUNFLOWER will also come with a wind power accessory, and more.

To learn more about SUNFLOWER, head to today.

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