Tunai CLIP – Turn Your Headphone Wireless | NewsWatch Review


If Apple’s new AirPods are any indicator, the future of headphones is wireless. But what do you do with all those wired headphones that still work perfectly fine? You’re not just going to throw them away when you paid good money for them, right?  The solution is Tunai’s CLIP.

Tunai is a company that works to create innovative products which is different from what’s in the market. Their newest product, CLIP, allows you to turn your headphones into a wireless product. Here’s how it works. You insert your headphones into the CLIP’s auxiliary jack, instantly turning your headphones into a Bluetooth headset. Now just clip the CLIP onto your shirt or jacket. Press the CLIP to wake up your phone’s voice assistant or to operate any of the normal controls like rewind, skip forward, play or answer calls. Not only does the device convert your wired headphones to Bluetooth, the cord manager can hide extra wires and make you look neat. Additionally, the CLIP features a high definition mic to replace the one on your headphones. CLIP can also be used as Bluetooth mic for wireless voice recording.

“CLIP preserves the authenticity of sound using an advanced audio rebuild technology we call ‘Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)’ . Instead of the traditional low quality audio compression SBC technology, CLIP supports AAC & MP3 to minimize distortion when sound is compressed for streaming over the air. Our unique patent pending “Sound Revitalization Technology, SRT” scans the received audio data, and rebuilds the distorted audio.”

To purchase the CLIP head to Amazon or their website at tunai-creative.com today.

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