Manscaped – Men’s Grooming Products | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

The Mens grooming market will be more than 40 Billion dollars by 2018. And Manscaping – aka below the neck grooming – is the fastest growing segment. Conventional products include shampoos, electric trimmers and after shaves, but as every man knows, these products are not designed for those more ‘sensitive’ regions. Manscaped is a unique brand that specifically engineers and formulates all the gear you’ll need to clean, trim, moisturize, deodorize and refresh – below the waist.

Made in the USA, products include The Lawn Mower; a high-powered trimmer made for hard to navigate areas. The Crop Cleanser a luxury, foaming gel cleanser, ideal for the tough day ahead. And the Crop Preserver, a deodorant, antiperspirant and moisturizer with built in anti-chafing properties. Then there’s the Crop Reviver: a spray-on body toner and spritzer for high friction areas. And the Plow for that refined shave you’re looking for from a single blade razor.  And the Magic Mat, a unique shaving mat and bathroom read. Their stainless steel nail kit gives a man’s hands a sophisticated appearance. Each piece was carefully chosen to keep a man’s nails trim and clean. Use as needed, or add to your regular manscaping routine. Their safety razor was created to give you a close, refined shave with its thoughtful, elegant design. Its custom size, built-in guard, and single blade allow for maneuverability and safety. After using the electric trimmer, utilize this one-of-kind razor for further refinement and smoothness.

Manscaped offers two kits to choose from: the Perfect Package and the Nuts & Bolts. To learn more about Manscaped head to

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