Akeakami Quest – Resolve Differences at Work with a Simple Quest | NewsWatch Review


Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of team building and understanding how everyone can work together? Akeakami Quest has provided a game that not only entertains, but applies real-life lessons.

Akeakami Quest by Agile Literacy is designed to inspire, commit, and motivate, not just yourself, but your teammates. Your mission in the game is to work with your fellow players so you can beat the clock in order to move forward. The goal? To save the Akeakami tribe and restore the island. As you play the game, your objectives will be to find and attain the crystals of life and help each other to do so.

How Do You Get the Game?

Simply search “Akeakami Quest” in the search bar of your respective app store and download the app. You’ll need to register an account with the game as well as create your character to begin the adventure.

In efforts to save the tribe, there must be constant open communication between you and your teammates. You can, not only play Akeakami Quest with friends, but also with coworkers. Colleagues who play Akeakami Quest can open the door towards resolving any differences in the workplace or making the new guy on the block, feel like a part of the team. If you’re facing any adversity in the workplace or feel like you should be a part of the team, suggest a day to play Akeakami Quest.

Get closer with your group and form bonds through the adventures that Akeakami Quest has to offer. Akeakami Quest is an e-Learning game for everyone and aims to work on stronger dynamics and sustaining connections. Iron out differences at work to achieve the overall goal that will ultimately provide valuable learning lessons for the workplace.

Download Akeakami Quest for either your Android or iOS device for free and get to strengthening relationships today.