Solid Soccer – Play Soccer on Your Phone When You Can’t Get on the Field | NewsWatch Review


For all the soccer fans out there, there’s an app that lets you feed your soccer obsession and without the need to get on the field. Solid Soccer by Raketspel is a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to play soccer and to face off other teams from all over the world.

Let the intuitive controls guide you to hit balls, shoot goals, and make sliding tackles as you play.

Solid Soccer is all about the team so get to know yours as you go and provide your players with extensive training. You’ll start to also notice that with the more you tend to your team, the better they’ll perform. Certain ways you can strengthen your team is to make your goalie more agile, your center faster, and your defenders more acute.

Further features you can expect with Solid Soccer?

  • The ability to earn training points
  • Increased ratings so you can get promoted to higher leagues
  • Achieving cards and attaining Star Players
  • Challenging friends on who has the best team
  • Stickers (because who doesn’t love stickers?)

See your team progress when you gain access to larger arenas and go against tougher competition. You’ll learn the fundamentals of team building so you can outmatch the opposing team and become victorious. You also have the option of making in-app purchases so you can advance faster in the game.

Solid Soccer is free to download and also free of any ads so you can play uninterrupted.

Though Solid Soccer isn’t always about the competition, if you have some downtime during the game, play a friendly match or customize your team’s uniform.

So if you don’t have the time for a soccer game and fiending for the field, download Solid Soccer for free at the App Store today.