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Being an application of its own kind, Willing Hearts lets you be a part of events that took place in history. Take a look at history through the lens of kindness when you see the courageous and brave stories told by the Sisters of the Holy Cross during the Civil War. Images and stories of war from nurses and soldiers’ personal experiences transports you as if you were helping the soldiers yourself.

Their immersive book app brings details of amazing pieces of history and times of intense struggle during the Civil War.

Developed by six women and with the use of period music, voice-overs by current Sisters of the Holy Cross, and historic documents this beautiful story comes to life. These women offer selfless help to a country that’s in desperate need during a trying time. The music and melodies of the Willing Hearts app allows you the opportunity to listen along to the encouraging songs of the nurses.

Willing Hearts lets you look through the lens of kindness as you immerse yourself in the missions taken by the Sisters of the Holy Cross who help their country during times of upheaval.

Showcasing such a divisive time in history, the heartfelt undertakings of these selfless women make today’s social media flare-ups look trivial.

During these tumultuous times, these women find refuge by seeking compassion, courage, and humor. Follow their stories as they work on a naval steamboat and in military hospitals.

Take a break from the day-to-day social media and follow inspirational stories of faith and brave undertakings led by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Willing Hearts also provides readers a rare opportunity to see the visions and stories through the Sisters’ eyes. With inspiration drawn from faith, courage, and finding joy through painstaking circumstances, Willing Hearts provides a perspective like no other.

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