Zang – Make Work, Less Work | NewsWatch Review


Small to medium-sized businesses can get lost in the mass of bigger companies. Despite a business’ size, what truly matters is the communication that’s taking place in the office.

If communication could be better in your work environment as well as organization, Zang, an Avaya Company, offers the tools to create a better and systematic workflow.

Zang lets you do anything for your business from creating custom apps for producing better employee functionality to creating stronger customer efficiency. Of the three aspects Zang has to offer, Cloud, Office, and Spaces, they have a niche to help various businesses get their feet off the ground.

Zang Cloud

The Cloud offers seamless integration with your current communications systems. Further features you can do with Zang Cloud is:

Messaging- to build reliable messaging apps with the Zang API to powerfully engage customers

Voice – One simple API that enables you to add voice and calling features your browser or mobile apps.

Carrier Services – Attain insights to help facilitate sales leads and analyze marketing campaigns

Phone Numbers – Buy local and toll-free numbers for your business.

Zang Office

Used as a cloud-based business phone service that can be personalized, affordable, and reliable, Zang Office can work wherever, add users when needed, offer easy pricing, be simply set up, and more.

Get the features you need such as voicemail, call holding, transfer, and forward, pickup, park, caller ID, fax, and more.

Zang Spaces

Using a cloud-based team collaboration, Zang Spaces simply integrates voice, video, tasks sharing and more. It can be accessed from anywhere so you can use it on your laptop at work, tablet at home, or on your mobile phone on-the-go.

Use the tools necessary to take your business to the next level when you have Zang Cloud, Office, and Spaces. For more information on features and pricing, visit today.