Being the country which has the largest youth population, India is all set to evolve as the biggest market in the world. Earlier, the gaming industry in India had minimal significance as people had limited access to gaming consoles and PCs. As smartphones and high-speed Internet connectivity are becoming more affordable, the industry is all set for a major transformation. The economic growth of the country has also made it possible for the industry to boom and gain global acceptance. This has opened the door to massive opportunities for local and international game development companies.

Earlier India used to have a population that did not believe in spending money on gaming. The scenario has changed ever since the advent of social card games. Traditional Indian card games like Rummy and Teen Patti are the best performers and the driving force of the Indian gaming industry.

Importance of Rummy in the Current Scenario

Mobile games are one of the major contributors of revenue in the Indian gaming industry. The report from Nasscom-AppAnnie states that India has jumped two positions in the last two years to become the fifth largest mobile industry in the world. The report estimates that India will continue to grow in the coming years to become the second biggest mobile game market in the world. Rummy is a game which is being played in India for a long time now. The traditional and cultural value that rummy represents is one of the primary reasons for the success of the game.

Rummy has a mild learning curve, and almost all of the people in India are familiar with the rummy rules. Online rummy websites offer players with practice tables where they can easily learn the rules of the game. The report also states that the average time spent by players who play card games like Rummy has increased by 120% from 2015. This growth shows the relevance of the game in the industry.

The mobile gaming industry in India is said to boom further as there has been a massive increase in the percentage of people using mobile devices. With the surge in affordable smartphones and competitive Internet packages, the industry is all set to spread the wings and take off with a higher thrust. The report from AppAnnie also states that the India-centric games have excellent monetization capabilities. Lately, many global game development companies including the developers of Candy Crush Saga have stepped into the social card games genre. Many other companies are also planning to enter the Indian game market. If they can successfully create India-centric games by retaining the social and traditional factors, they can potentially achieve a vital position in the market.

To conclude, card games like Rummy and Teen Patti have made it possible for the Indian gaming industry to reach bigger heights. By improving the performance of the mobile-centric Indian games, we will be able to exploit the huge array of possibilities in the industry and grow exponentially.