Best Takeaway Apps


After a long week at work, the last think you want to do is go home and cook a meal from scratch – especially if you have nothing left in the cupboards. A takeout is the perfect treat after a long week and exceptionally convenient when you’re in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store. So, for your Friday night feast, here are some of the best takeout apps available right now:



Available free on both iOS and Android, Grubhub is one of the simplest to use takeaway apps. All you need to do is enter your location and the app will show you a list of all the available restaurants in the area. You can even filter them by the type of food you like such as Italian or Indian. Available in over 900 cities across the United States, you can also save specific delivery locations such as your home address or work address so you can order your dinner even more quickly in future.



Not as big as Grubhub, DoorDash is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their unique feature called DoorDash Delight which scores their restaurants on delivery time and customer service. This means that restaurants actively compete for the best score, so you always get the best service.



Postmates isn’t exactly a takeaway app, rather it’s a delivery service where you can pay someone to go and pick up just about anything for a fee and they’ll bring it to your home. Currently available in around 90 cities across the US, Postmates means you can get food delivered from a restaurant that wouldn’t normally offer a delivery service. They even offer a Plus Unlimited subscription ($10 a month) service where you’ll get free delivery from certain restaurants if you spend more than $25.



If you tend to order a lot of takeout food, then Foodler is definitely for you as it offers a rewards program where you can earn yourself free meals for using the app frequently. Available in more than 4000 cities across the US, you can pay for your meal over the app using your credit card as well as using Paypal and Apple Pay. The app is also free to use, but like most other takeout apps you will probably need to pay the restaurant a delivery fee.

Yelp Eat 24


We all know Yelp as the restaurant review app, but now Yelp also has its own takeout app called Yelp Eat 24. With all restaurants subject to a rating system (as you’d expect from any Yelp service) you’ll quickly be able to see the best restaurants in your area. Currently available in 1,500 cities in the US, if it’s not yet available to you, keep watching because it soon will be.