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Its 2017: the year that voice recognition software is getting its own recognition in search engines, the year of fully immersive virtual reality gaming, but also the year that looks set for online casino gaming to retain their place at the top of the slots. Reports indicate that online gaming has risen to generate a record 33% of all gambling revenue in 2016 alone.

The changing world – and sustained innovation – remains a steadfast contributing factor as to why online gaming is seeing such a continued boom. Players’ behavior changes – as history shows us from the days of the PlayStation and the N64, through to the console wars of the 2000s. Online casino gaming is different to a physical casino, and therefore attitudes to its success and growth should differ. Shifting alongside these attitudes remains the key strategy in ensuring that online gaming stands steady in its position of sustainable development.


The UK’s Gambling Commission program director James Green reinforces this and claims that continued success will be based on “using technology to engage consumers.” Technology companies are partnering more and more with gaming companies to create joint ventures. The rise in virtual reality is set to shake the gambling industry going forwards. The move will not only attract a wider clientele but will satiate both online gaming and the thrill of new technology. The online gaming industry will especially benefit from the injection of 18-24-year-olds, those who are expected to be interested the most by virtual reality technology.

One such factor as to the projected growth of online gaming is the growing reliability of BitCoin as a primary method of payment. Following a mixed start, further investment and restructuring into the crypto-currency has positioned BitCoin as a fairly reliable payment method – a factor that is critical in online gaming. A reliable and secure website was voted as the most important factor in choosing an online gaming brand. Being able to keep finances separate from a traditional bank account, and be able to play knowing the payment method is secure, allows fans and corporations alike to herald BitCoin as a preferred mode of payment.


The most enticing reason why BitCoin will begin to attract more and more gaming companies is the ease with which both sides can use it. The cryptocurrency’s market reach is greater than traditional methods, and for companies has very little set-up costs, making it a strong attractor in the online gaming world. It is clear that online gaming wields a great amount of clout already, from the partnerships it attracts within the popular culture sphere. From Pokémon to GTA, Ant and Dec to Game of Thrones, online gaming attracts a vast amount of partnerships from the culture it helps to curate. The growth in technology and the accessibility for popular culture marries itself nicely to online gaming. Sites such as 32Red Casino allow players to combine their online gaming with a different kind of gaming – one that includes dragons and thrones. By tying in online slots with Game of Thrones in an officially licensed product, 32Red ensures that only are fans of the show able to tap into the show’s mythos in a different setting, but they’re also able to test their skill and win some money.

Unlike the reputation it is shedding, online gaming can also be somewhat of a social activity. Seeing other players’ results and how much is won on each game allows players to feel engrossed in the community of fellow players, giving more of a communal feel to online gaming. 888Casino features a live update of other players and what they have won, while Unibet features a scoreboard of top winners – not dissimilar to the old arcade games that listed the all-time top scores to compete against. Online gaming chatrooms and forums add to this community spirit. The community is also furthered with online publications that contain news, features, and topics of interest for online gamers globally.

By combining future technology to revolutionize the online gaming industry, the social network that creates an immersive experience, and the tie-ins and partnerships with popular culture, online gaming is set to continue its boom forwards. With an almost limitless scope and a wide target audience, the online gaming industry is almost guaranteed to continue its success, regardless of what happens in more physical industries.