By: Nick Gambino

So, you’ve crowdfunded your new product and have raised some real capital to launch you into the next phase of your venture – now what? Well, the obvious answer is, “It’s time to sell.” I’m sure you’re already thinking of places like Amazon, Jet and your very own website but one that you should have your attention on is Freshpreneur.

Freshpreneur is a soon-to-be-launched marketplace solely for those who’ve crowdfunded their products. In other words, it’s a spot that caters to entrepreneurs.

Freshpreneur, an amalgam of the words “fresh” and “entrepreneur” (as if that wasn’t obvious), was started back in 2013 when crowdfunding was still in its infancy. The baby-faced company was merely a blog about crowdfunding at its inception. In that time the fellas over at Freshpreneur set off to speak with over 200 crowdfunding campaign owners in an effort to see what made them tick; to venture into the off-beat mind of a crowdfunder.

What were their setbacks, failures and successes? What would they need to truly succeed? By distilling the information gathered, they arrived at two major dilemmas constantly encountered: how to continue growing after the campaign ended and how to target the right consumers?

And that’s what led to the decision to launch a marketplace for crowdfunded goods so these entrepreneurs had a place to go after the campaign ended. It grew out of a love and a need.

As would be expected, Freshpreneur is currently running their own Kickstarter campaign geared towards campaign runners/owners as well as those interested in seeing a unique marketplace come to fruition.

The rewards in the campaign are pretty sweet. For as little as $25 you can get $35 off your order when the marketplace launches or sell your own crowdfunded products for free for 6 months. The rewards only get sweeter the more you donate. The trophy reward is for those who donate $99 or more. If you’re one of those lucky backers, you’ll be allowed to sell an unlimited number of items for free on the site until the end of time. In other words, forever.

It doesn’t mean anything unless they’ve got entrepreneurs in the game with them, which luckily they do. They’ve currently got a number of crowdfunding collaborators on board who’ve successfully launched their own products. They include Less Mess Happy Mat, Whisk Wiper, PhoneSoap (one of my personal favorites) and The Calvin.

To back Freshpreneur and help bring this marketplace to the…market, check out their Kickstarter campaign or visit


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.