iAmSapien – Collaborating Worldwide in Efforts to Create | NewsWatch Review


Some of the most innovative, revolutionary ideas in history have been forged and brought to life through a group effort. Sure, an idea can emanate from one person but usually it takes a village to see it through.

iAmSapien is a brand-new idea crowdsourcing platform from WorldWisePeople.
The idea is simple: What would happen if millions of people collaborated to build a better mousetrap or even a better planet?

In 2014, a team was assembled to see if there was a platform that could be created that would allow people to think together, link up, and create using ideas, resources, and plans in one centralized location. With the amount of information that floats around out there, there has to be a way to focus thoughts and bring order to what is happening.

That initial idea became iAmSapien.The following is what iAmSapien can provide:

  • The sequence is straightforward and easy. Ask anything of the collective group.
  • The matrix of the platform will then present the best ideas from the collective.
  • The final step then is crowdsourcing for the most appropriate plan of action where the best people and answers are brought together to get the job done.Topics Relative to iAmSapien:
  • Liberal Arts Education
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Designing Social Media that Drives Real Change
  • Visual History of Human Knowledge
  • And more

In their mission statement, iAmSapien ensures that humanity will speak with reason as rational statements will be linked together and continuously improved on.

Their objective is to make a space that’s creative and within that creative space, to conjure up ideas that will create a chain reaction and be shared.

If you want to jump in and get involved with the beta version of iAmSapien sign up at iAmSapien.com or to just try it out for yourself check out Beta.iAmSapien.com.