By: Nick Gambino

Android smartphones make up over 80% of the world mobile market. You can find the operating system in phones put out by Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and of course Google. With the popularity of the OS it only makes sense that the Google Play Store would offer a pretty decent selection of apps. Whether you’re looking for an app focused on productivity, entertainment or general info, you’ll find something to fulfill your needs. Let’s cover the top five Android apps available right now.


Yelp is the go-to website and app for info and reviews on pretty much any business. Before eating out, check Yelp reviews for an idea on what to expect when it comes to taste of the food and service. Now, it goes well beyond restaurants. Let’s say you want to find the best dog park in Ohio. Done. What about the best bowling alley in Alaska? Also, done. Now it’s strictly physical establishment reviews so you’ll have to go elsewhere if you want to find the best Canadian sport betting websites or top-reviewed music streaming platforms.


We all know what YouTube is, it barely needs a paragraph. The Android app is wicked simple to use and beats watching videos on your browser by a mile. When you’re out and about you often don’t have access to Wi-Fi leaving you to rely on your data plan. YouTube is a better alternative to Netflix and Hulu if you want quick and easy entertainment without racking up a crazy phone bill.


Easily, the best streaming music platform out there, Spotify leads the way on number of users, trouncing Apple Music, Pandora and others. You can create your very own playlists for all the right moods or simply browse others’ playlists to expand your musical tastes. If playlists aren’t your thing just find a good album or a single you enjoy and hit play. The offline feature even allows you to listen to music without an internet connection.

Google Keep

Your smartphone is more than an entertainment and info device. It can act as your own little organizer as well. Google Keep is a neat app that keeps all of your notes in one place with a lively flair. You can add images and checklists to everything you jot down. You can even transcribe notes if you’re too lazy to type or in the car. Additionally, you can log the location and time in which each note was written.


You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about Uber. Everyone is either an Uber driver or rider. It’s more than just a convenience, it’s quickly becoming the trendy thing to do. Its rapid ascent in popularity is due in large part to the ease of its app. There’s almost no thought in calling a ride. It’s self-intuitive and does all the heavy lifting. You simply need to ask for a ride and answer yes or no questions. Simple as pie.

So, those are the top five Android apps you’re going to want to download whether for convenience or merely entertainment. Happy downloading!