xSky – Virtual Telescope App for Star Gazing | NewsWatch Review


We’ve been staring up at the stars for ages, but have only recently graduated to the telescope. Now with the invention of the smartphone, we have yet another tool to continue our exploration.

xSky is a virtual telescope app that’s perfect for everyday stargazers and aspiring astronomers.

Whether you’re looking to discover distant stars, locate nearby planets, or just gaze upon multiple beautiful galaxies, xSky allows you to do all of that right through your phone.

It’s fairly simple to use. Set your location and point your phone to the sky. While staring at the sky through it, you can decide what you want to see.

Now lock the screen to stop any shaking or motion so you can zoom in to explore in greater detail.

You can zoom in up to a million times.

xSky will identify thousands of objects like planets, moons, stars, constellations, and anything else you can think of.

You can use the search arrow to locate exactly what you’re looking for while the app’s accompanying soft music and sound effects only add to the ambiance.

You can download xSky for free in the App Store today.