SoundWhiz – Taking Your Tunes to the Next Level | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’re spoiled for choice when shopping online for headphones. But finding the right sports headphones isn’t always easy, especially when you’re worried about things like sound quality, comfort, and stability.

SoundWhiz, an Amazon best seller, creates headphones with high fidelity sound to take both your workouts and relaxation to the next level.

Recently, they revealed the SymphoniQ headphones on the Indiegogo marketplace.
These guys are a unique hybrid semi-open back headphone designed to maximize your down time, making them perfect for chilling out, traveling and making hands-free calls on the go.

Be blown away by the SymphoniQ’s sound as you listen to a wide sound stage offering rich bass substratum down to a resonating 10Hz. In addition, its style is sleek and design is simple so you can bask in the carefully crafted sound profile.

But you may already know SoundWhiz for their Turbo headphones. With resonant bass, clear vocals, and sparkling trebles, the Turbo is designed for comfort with a secure fit and can last a week on a single charge. Not to mention – they’re lightweight and guaranteed for sweat protection.

This headset pairs in SECONDS to any Bluetooth enabled device and is easy to use with on-board controls to manage tracks, volume, and incoming calls. In addition, the Turbo headphones integrate with your phone’s voice commands for total hands-free functionality.

SoundWhiz ensures that you won’t find a more comfortable set of headphones for extended wear and that you’ll receive up to 9 hours of play time on a single charge.

Now, if you want a TRULY wireless experience, we’re excited to reveal SoundWhiz’s Sprint earbuds, launching later this month.

These tiny in-ear buds still deliver powerful sound for your workouts but have been purpose designed for stability, even during your most vigorous workouts.

If you want to learn more about SoundWhiz and their sets of headphones, be sure to head over to