Construction Simulator 2 – Virtually Build Your Own Construction Company | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever wanted to start your own construction company, operate mammoth machines and build huge buildings? Well, now you can, at least virtually, with Construction Simulator 2.

The sequel to the ever-popular Construction Simulator 2014, this game lets you build your own construction company and puts you at the helm of some of the most impressive construction vehicles and machines in the industry.

They use real original license brands to put you at the controls of some of the legendary equipment out there.

Jump behind the wheel of Kenworth’s T880 dump truck, Liebherr’s 150 EC-B flat-top crane and the Cat 430F2 backhoe to name just a few.

You can choose to buy your vehicles and machines outright or lease them.

You just have to make sure you manage your finances wisely. That is if you want to become a formidable building tycoon.

In order to achieve that lofty goal, you’ll have to lay asphalt, pour concrete, erect buildings, transport goods, repair roads and complete various other construction jobs that range from minor gardening to massive railroad bridge restoration.

Along the way, you’ll unlock new machines, new jobs, and new regions.

There are over 60 different construction jobs in all with challenging missions keeping you striving for the top the whole time.

Construction Simulator 2 is available on iOS and Android devices. Head to the App or Google Play Store to download it today.