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We all know how popular wearables are these days. But most of what’s available doesn’t provide valuable or accurate insight into our health.

That’s where BioStrap’s dual device monitor comes in.

These guys understand the complexity of our body and know that it’s movements are too complicated for just one activity tracker.

So they created the BioStrap wristband and shoe clip to monitor your movements and biometrics, allowing you to take a data-driven approach to live a happier and healthier life.

With its clinical-quality PPG sensors, Biostrap gives users access to the health metrics similar to what your doctor would use.

HRV, oxygen saturation, and resting heart rate are just a few of the long list of biometrics tracked by the Biostrap platform.

It even tracks your sleep, giving you insight into how you recover and your sleeping patterns.

But it goes a step further and not only gives you data, but also actionable insights to improve your health at the macro level.

And if you’re someone who works out often, the BioStrap recognizes over 120 different workouts, with the ability to record any new repetitious activity.

It’s one of the most accurate and insightful fitness and health trackers on the market.
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