Convo – Video Relay Service App for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing | NewsWatch Review


Making a call might be a simple concept for most of us, but Deaf and hard of hearing people’s calling experiences are different from ours.

If they want to call a hearing person, they use a video relay service, which connects them with a video interpreter.

Convo, a communications solutions company and one of the largest Deaf-owned businesses in the world, developed a video relay service app that Deaf people use to make their calls.

This American Sign Language translation service works by connecting callers with a live interpreter who relays every word verbatim from the hearing caller and vice versa.

The interpreter does this back and forth, signing to one caller and speaking to the other.

The interpreters are also trained to incorporate their cultural understanding as they translate in order to remain true to the Deaf person’s essence.

The Convo app includes videomail, contacts, a directory of Deaf-owned businesses and other resources for Deaf people, and a very cool visual ringing system that utilizes Philips Hue.

You can download Convo for free on iOS and Android devices or through Windows or Mac. Visit their website at today.