Stenomask – Talk in Public, Privately | NewsWatch Review

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Nowadays it’s next to impossible to conduct private on-the-go voice communications and verbal documentation. And so-called high-end microphones are unable to drown out ambient sounds from our noisy environments.

Enter Stenomask.

Stenomask is the industry’s best hand-held privacy microphone for speech recognition and secure voice communication. It can be used with any type device – like smartphones, tablets, computers, two-way radios and recorders.

The all new 6th generation Stenomask, the Steno SR series allows for a completely private and clear voice signal while simultaneously eliminating all background noise.

Steno SR was engineered to replicate the noise proofing properties of the world’s premiere sound booths. This makes it ideal for noisy or crowded environments such as open offices and public spaces.

Let’s say you’re trying to make a private call or transcribe an important document, note, or text in a busy workplace.

Any other microphone would pick up the ambient sounds that surround you and people would overhear your every word. Not with a Steno SR. It allows for complete voice privacy and achieves 100% text accuracy from your voice to your document.

You can imagine the numerous ways this mic can come in handy. Workers in public areas, physicians using speech recognition software, open office workers, lawyers, security professionals and law enforcement, board meeting or student note-taking, its applications are endless.

And let’s not forget how irritating it is to others when you conduct phone calls and voice texts while out in public. Steno SR keeps private conversations, private.

You can find out more about this microphone by heading to today.