StepsApp – Set Goals, Count Steps, Burn Calories | NewsWatch Review


Are you looking for a new way to add fitness to your day? Well, the easiest way to start moving is by getting up and walking.

StepsApp is an easy-to-use step counter app that fits perfectly into the casual lifestyle so you can get moving.

This app allows you to set goals such as the number of steps, calories burned, and distance walked or run.

Simply download the app, drop the phone in your pocket, and off you go.

Once you reach your goal, you can have the app notify you of your achievement.

Check in on multiple colorful graphs to see how you’re doing overall and how you’re progressing. You can look at your progress over the month or year.

It works seamlessly with your Apple Watch and Apple Health merging any past data.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can leave your phone behind and all the data from your steps will be accounted for within the app.

This simple step tracker app is intended for those looking for a more casual activity tracker to ease into.

This beautiful colored stylized app is the perfect addition to your day. You can download StepsApp for free in the App Store today.