Photos are shared with family and friends every day on social media. Our smartphones can take good photos, but photo editing apps can make them more catchy and perfect them with some effects, filters and other things. Improving your photos is fun when you have the right apps that are packed with lots of editing options. The apps should be easy to use and give you the best-edited images.

These applications allow users to create awesome profile pics. Whether for social media pages or other things like internet casinos. Here are some of the best android apps for your smartphone.

PicsArt Photo Studio

It is a popular photo editor and collage creator you should consider having on your phone. PicsArt is packed with a lot of tools to enjoy while perfecting your pictures. The tools include effects, drawing tools, photo grids, frames, stickers, clipart and more. You can make collages using hundreds of templates and thousands of unique backgrounds. The app gives more options to edit your photos with thousands of great features to choose from. Everything you need is available on this app and has many possibilities including photo cropping, clone, cutouts, filters, fine-tuning and more. PicsArt camera can allow you to capture pictures with live effects.

LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects

LightX is a photo editor with many functions enabling you to make collages, add picture frames, cool stickers, and photo background changer. Moreover, on this app, you can create cartoons, change hair color, merge pictures and portrait photos among other photo editing functions. If you want to start-up a small business, you can use this app create your logo. Most online casino beginners use if for their sites. You can visit to see how casino images look like. It also allows you to put a caption on your pictures. Perfect your pictures with advanced editing options such as tooth whitening, removing dark spots and pimples, blur photo background. LightX is a body shape editing tool. You can manipulate or refine your body parts the way you want. There are different stickers to apply such as love, comic, birthday, text photo stickers and much more. You are able to change color and transparency of the stickers.