Delfast – Your Designated e-Bike | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

In the last ten to fifteen years, we’ve seen a massive increase in the purchases and usage of electric bicycles. But most of them are limited in the distance they can go on a single charge.

Well, a 1-hour delivery company out of Kiev, Ukraine, is looking to change the game with their Delfast e-bike.

While only 99 percent of e-bikes can go 30-50 miles on a charge, the Delfast e-bike can go over 300 miles – that’s more than an electric car.

And because they’re a courier service, they even use their own bikes, driving thousands of miles a day on them.  That means it isn’t just a dream or project, it’s a real bike already being used daily.

And the design of the bike is also worth taking a look at.  It has a smart security system with GPS tracking, an alarm, Bluetooth and keychain control, and even a remote start option.

It has front and rear turn signals and high-intensity lights for low-light situations.

The Delfast e-bike really is the all-in-one option for anyone who wants to ride in a city, in a rural setting, or even off-road, all on a single charge.  Think of them like the Tesla for e-bikes.

So, if you want to get in on their Kickstarter, head to and search Delfast or visit