Once considered an exotic alternative to mainstream gaming services and platforms, mobile gaming is slowly – but surely – becoming a benchmark in a growing industry.

The Unstoppable Growth

The robust growth of the mobile market was arguably most evident in 2017 during which game developers and operators across the industry’s scope have recognised the potential and grabbed a firm hold of the mobile gaming opportunity.

A sharp rise is mobile gaming – currently standing at around 42% of the entire gaming industry – is to a great extent down to the impressive technical advances and improvements that are making the smart devices a standard choice for everyday activities.

Smartphones and tablets have become a huge part of people’s daily routine which – obviously – includes gaming too.

As a sharp contrast to the old trend which regarded gaming as a boredom cure and pastime activity, a surge of popularity in regular mobile games but also online casino games, video slots and other form of fun but also lucrative forms of gaming, has also been recorded.

Following the footsteps of video game creators, online casino software developers have decided to step into the brave new world of technical advancement themselves and the results are impressive.

What we today have as two fledgling forms of mobile gaming is AR and VR – soon expected to become online gaming benchmark themselves, perhaps as early as in 2018.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Gaming world took full advantage of technical improvements to make products of higher quality, visually more brilliant and as close to real-life as possible.

Manufacturers started experimenting and combining, in a word blending the two worlds which resulted in something called – Augmented Reality (AR). By adding the visual elements to the physical environment and our own surroundings – using your smartphone device or a head mounted device – it became possible to open a portal into a brand-new world.

The overnight success of the hit mobile AR game Pokemon GO sent the entire world into a frenzy and left a good number of game developers scratching their heads regarding the unlimited possibility of the augmented reality.

Creators of Pokemon GO – Niantic Labs – are already working on a new game, which is expected to be an even bigger hit and the very name of Harry Potter is enough to get the players excited.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will allow players to learn spells and explore the real world by fighting against legendary beasts along the way. Players will be able to team up with other players to defeat some more dangerous enemies and all in 2018, which is set to be a crucial year for mobile gaming.

And as we await the new AR scene to hit gold with online casino gaming scene, the VR side of things has already brought a strong change in mobile gaming trends.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Hand in hand with the Augmented Reality, another – seemingly more exciting form of mobile gaming – Virtual Reality is knocking on the door. There is no denying, the future of video gaming rests in VR and gaming developers and making plans accordingly to take it on a completely new level.

The most impressive aspect of Virtual Gaming is versatility and the fact that VR can also be tied into to various other forms of online gaming including playing video slots online that all online casinos offer.

The arrival of VR gaming in combination with regular mobile gaming has now allowed players to enjoy these slots on the go while the Virtual Reality is rapidly establishing itself as an important gaming medium. Online casino developers are latching on to VR in increased number hoping to set themselves apart from the crowd.

The new standard has already been set by one of the world’s leading gaming developers NetEnt, who decided to pave way for others with their real-money

One of company’s most popular titles will be brought to the computer simulated reality through an immersive multimedia channel that will allow you to set foot into a completely new world simply by wearing a virtual reality helmet or headphones.

With AR and VR games leading the line in 2018, there is no telling where gaming industry will lead us.

The future looks bright, though, and it’s up to us to sit back and enjoy the ride.