Red Panic Button – Distress and Safety App for When You’re in Danger | NewsWatch Review


The safety of our loved ones is a primary concern for just about anyone. Knowing when those we care about are in danger and where they’re located so that we can assist them is now possible with smart technology.

The Red Panic Button is a distress and safety app that sends alerts to family and friends whenever you’re in danger or in need of assistance. Simply tap the button to send a text and an e-mail to everyone in your emergency contact list. The message consists of the nature of your emergency and GPS coordinates of your location.

Now if you’re unable to speak, the app allows you to snap a picture or record a short video to accompany your message. If you cannot reach your phone, the app allows you to trigger the panic message from your smartwatch.

Sending to your entire emergency contact list ensures you’re going to receive the assistance you need even if the message isn’t read by everyone. Odds are someone is going to see it and get to you right away. You even have the option of sending a panic tweet to your followers.

You can download the Red Panic Button app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.