Micropolis! – Build Cities from the Medieval Times all the Way to Modern Age | NewsWatch Review


We love the idea of a game that requires you to create and maintain whole cities with great attention to detail – it makes us feel like responsible adults. Well with the Apple Watch Series 3 we’re back to being able to play games on our smaller devices, but this time the graphics are awesome.

Everywear Games is the world’s leading wearable game studio with their games having been featured in Apple Keynotes and selected as Game of the Year multiple times.

They just launched a brand new idle game for the Apple Watch – Micropolis.

Micropolis is a casual city building game that has been designed to be played in fast 5 to 15-second gameplay sessions. Each session builds into a longer experience.

You work to build your cities using special skills that help you gain more coins to upgrade your buildings with.

Once your city has grown to a certain size you can advance through time to the next era. You’ll go from Ancient Rome through the Medieval Times and all the way to the Modern Age.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch don’t worry, the game is also available for the iPhone.

You can download Micropolis for free in the App Store today.