Swish Video – Curating the Most Popular of Videos on the Internet into One Single App | NewsWatch Review


Are you fed up with the volume of irrelevant content being posted on social media? with more than 1,000 new videos uploaded to the internet every 15 seconds, the world needs a way to watch only the very best and filter out the rest.

That’s where Swish comes in.

Swish curates the best-of-the-best videos on the Internet into a single compelling discovery app, so you never need to waste time searching for your favorite videos again.

The funniest and breathtaking videos across the web are grouped into 12 carefully crafted video categories like Action, Comedy, Exploration, Sports, Fashion and a ton more.

Swish gives you playlists of the world’s best videos personalized just for you based on your interests.

The platform also includes a social media section that flips generic feeds on their heads.

Swish understands that everyone is unique in the way that they are entertained and aims to give you mini emotion-filled roller-coasters of videos.

Seamlessly share and comment on your favorite video discoveries to level-up. Compete with your friends and the Swish community to unlock superpowers and new features!

You can download Swish for free from the App or Google Play Store today to begin your discovery of the web’s most hilarious and mind-blowing video content.