Social Graces – Creating Happier and More Peaceful Households | NewsWatch Review


While mobiles devices can sometimes seem to distract and damage the communication between parents and kids, there is an app out there that has made it their mission to cultivate a healthier and happier connection.

Social Graces is a simple tool used to create a happy and peaceful household.

Here is how it works, parents will create a profile for each child that includes a personal contract with 10 daily expectations. Then parents will go over the contract with the child and have them sign it.

Social Graces comes with over 100 preloaded life skills, behaviors, and manners to choose from.

For example, you might add “set the kitchen table for dinner” or “be kind to your siblings” or even “tell the truth.” Of course, you can always customize or create your own goals.

This way kids know what’s expected of them and can work towards that.

They wake up each day with their daily points and work hard to maintain those points by sticking to the agreement.

Positive reinforcement is key, which is why we offer a wishlist for children to choose what they will be working towards. This wishlist is directly linked to Amazon making it easy to reward them for a job well done.

You can download Social Graces in the App Store and start with a 30-day free trial today.