When it comes to social media apps then everyone is just crazy about them nowadays!! Who doesn’t like to scroll down through such apps to entertain themselves? Snapchat is one among all such apps which are buzzing now. You can download this free app on any smartphone.

So, getting an access to this excellent app and even such other equally fantastic apps shouldn’t be quite a tough task for you. Especially, when the smartphones from top brands are available at an affordable rate in the premium online stores like currys.co.uk, the scenario seems to be quite possible!

However, did you hear about the latest redesign of Snapchat? Well, it has released just in the last week. But, I must say it was not at all an expected something from this famous app!! This new news has not gone very well with a lot of users.

How can I claim this with such a confidence? It’s because there is valid reason underlying this fact. The online petition which called for a removal of the new update was successful in getting more than 600,000 signatures!

This particular petition with the title of Remove the new Snapchat update has been posted on the website of Change.org which is owned by an Australian user Nic Rumsey.

The latest design of this popular photo-sharing app which is not being liked much by the people revolves around differentiating ‘media’ content from that of the ‘friends’ one. This is not the end! There are even other various interface changes which came up with the current redesign.

Till now, the scenario was like the Snapchat stories including photos and videos which are being shared among friends used to get omitted after 24 hours. Now, with the new changes, they now continue to appear with direct messages and particular snaps.

But, many users have complained about the same! According to them, such an additional feature has not made this app an easy-to-use one. Rather, now it has become quite complicated!

An immensely annoying ambiance is existing now among the users regarding this issue. The level of anger has reached to such an extent among most of the people that they’ve decided to use a VPN app so that they can go back to the older version of Snapchat.

The current petition has the main objective of convincing Snap to bring back the app to the basic level again as people are not liking the new update at all!

But, as per the recent situation, it is quite evident that the complaints and pleas are not going to work. It’s because the parent firm of Snapchat is not having any intention to consider the past design again.

According to a Snap spokeswoman, “ Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in”.