When a loved one is in need of continual assistance and care, it can be worrisome to leave them unattended. Ensuring they take their medication on schedule and rendering immediate assistance if they fall or hurt themselves becomes a priority.

But of course, there are times when we can’t be there and have to rely on other means to assist in making sure they’re alright. In an age defined by technology and smart solutions, thankfully there are ways to do just that.

We’re always on the hunt for the latest in smart home technology and other smart solutions that make everyday living just a little easier. In our search, we came across Home8 and their line of home security and alarm products. We’ve covered some of their products before.

In addition to their popular line of video monitoring and other security-based tech, they’ve also developed smart care products for loved ones and caregivers.

The Medical Alert System is essentially a panic button that provides instant alert to family, friends and professionals whenever it’s pressed. If the user is alone and falls or experiences some other emergency, a simple tap of the button and all concerned would receive an emergency notification.

More than knowing when something has gone wrong, it’s having the peace of mind that you’re only a button push away.

Now what makes this product stand out is its integration with the Care24 app. This bonus outdoor care app allows you to turn a mobile phone into a fall detector, GPS tracker and a panic button. So even if the user is out on a walk and away from home, they can send an alert when something goes wrong and lead someone to them to render help.

The ActionView Care Video-Verified Interactive Activity Tracking System is another solid tool for senior care.  This system logs your loved ones’ activity around the house via the wireless Tracking Sensor (which can be placed on doors or home appliances) paired with the Home8 tracking mobile-app.  The system enables independent-living protection by empowering caregivers to unobtrusively monitor the activities of loved ones with live Action-Viewing features via the Cube HD Camera which is seamlessly paired with the Activity Tracking sensor.

What’s more, the system can see what your loved ones are not doing – for example, if the front door hasn’t been opened for a certain period of time, it would be a signal to check on them to make sure everything is all right. 

Of course, preventive products are also important and that’s exactly what the Automatic Medication Dispenser System is.

Following a medication schedule can be a real pain, especially when there are a lot of pills to take at various times throughout the day. This dispenser takes all of the remembering and thinking out of the equation.

With 28 medication trays or cartridges, all you have to do is load them up, tell the app your schedule, and then let it do the rest. When the time comes to take your medication, the next cartridge will automatically load into position and the dispenser will alert you both through its internal audio and through the app.

It keeps tabs on when you’ve taken the pills out of the cartridge and creates a full intake tracking report that you can refer back to at any point. The tamper-resistant lock prevents accidental overdoses or mistakenly taking the wrong medication at the wrong time. Again, the guesswork is taken out of it, completely. Think of it like a nurse handing you your medication right on time, every time.

The little guy works online and offline, making it perfect for travel, which is when medication schedules are most likely to be shaken up.

Because of the integration between technology and personal care, peace of mind regarding the safety of our loved ones is finally a reality.