Fly Away – A Timeless Adventure Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


Time to strap on those wings and fly away in the addictive mobile game aptly titled Fly Away.

This timeless adventure has one simple goal – get as far as you can without running into obstacles or running out of time. Kind of like an endless runner, but in this case, it’s an endless flyer.

Play as a little-winged creature as you adventure through beautifully crafted landscapes including Fairy Lands, Ancient Egypt, The Snowfields, The Wild West, and Candy Land. Zip through these immersive lands complete with dynamic weather and shifts from night to day.

You’ll have to reach each successive golden ring to add time to the clock and keep yourself in the race. Collect stars along the way to unlock new costumes. Dodge obstacles like lasers, windmills, and moving blocks. And once your fairy dust is fully charged you can activate it to become invincible.

Now don’t get so caught up in the fun that you miss the upgrades along the way, including helmets that allow you to bounce off walls, magnets that attract and collect stars, and a time freeze.

Download it for free today by searching for “Fly Away” in the Google Play or App Store.