Beam Semiconductor – Providing High-Performance Solutions for Outdoor Wireless Communications | NewsWatch Review

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With the massive growth in data usage across cellular networks, the telecom industry needs a wireless infrastructure technology to keep up.

Well, Beam has developed a proprietary technology to allow for more efficient cellular backhaul and fiber extension or replacements. We had a chance to catch up with them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

They’re a wireless technology company and we’re focused on building a very, very high-performance solution for outdoor wireless communications. The ability to transport gigabits per second of information over the air.

This is a job that would normally be done by fiber, right? You can always dig up the road and lay down lots of fiber-optic cables. What they’ve developed is something that’s very, very small. It’s so compact that you can mount it on a lamppost, on the side of a building, and enable point to point communications like this. And what’s really driving the need towards 5G is video. That’s the issue, whether it’s Netflix, or YouTube, or Facebook Live.

People want to use high-definition video from their phones and that’s driving the data on the network through the roof. And they’re helping to solve that problem by helping the carriers have a wireless backbone.

So, they avoid having to use fiber. They have a wireless backbone that can carry gigabits in seconds of data and serve the capacity through video.

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