Bryker Hyde – Veteran-Owned Business Designing Stylish Leather Goods | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When it comes to leather accessories and designs, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone doing it better than Bryker Hyde.

The veteran-owned small family business specializes in designing leather goods that are not only stylish but functional.

Each product is handcrafted out of the finest leather with detailed stitching throughout.

Let’s look at their Quick Draw Minimalist 2.0.

This patent-pending wallet was designed with four exterior V-shaped card pockets. This Quick Draw feature allows you to easily remove cards with a single touch or without having to take your wallet out.

Now that doesn’t mean your cards are in any danger of falling out.

The unique slim design holds your cards securely in place until you’re ready to remove them.

Made with full grain leather, the Quick Draw Minimalist is obviously beautiful but also offers added protection with its RFID, NFC blocking technology that will stop identity thieves.

In addition to wallets, Bryker Hyde also creates other crafted leather accessories for both men and women like their popular messenger bags.

There’s a lifetime warranty and Bryker Hyde even pledges to donate $1 from every sale to support veterans. Their focus on making it an experience rather than a transaction and leaves you feeling like their customer of the year.

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