Tourme Guide – Book a Tour from the Palm of Your Hand | NewsWatch Review


If you travel often, you know that no one knows where to go and what to see quite like a local. In fact, this can be a reason why so many people book tour guides, which, however, doesn’t come without a high price and jam-packed tour groups.

So, if you want an alternative option that’s more personalized to what you see, check out Tourme.

Tourme is a global localized travel app that allows tourists to connect with local tour guides to wherever they’re traveling. It’s designed to give tourists a unique and personal experience right from their phones or online.

You can book either on their website or on their app, however, the easiest is on the app. All you have to do is download the app, register, and from there, immediately bring up any city that they have available and have the instant tour. This is the vehicle-guided tour that will come and pick you up instantly as soon as you request it and will take you to your next destination but giving you that tour on the way there.

You also have a “Find a guide” and “Find a tour” options. “Find a guide” is hanging out with a local for the day. You get to book them hourly and is an unstructured hangout. So, this is basically a mix of whatever you’d like to do or whatever the guide may suggest.

The “find a tour” are tours that their guides create from scratch and can go to whatever city you’re visiting and can pick a tour based on your interests.

Tourme also has the “Shore Excursion” option which is at every cruise port which allows you to book a tour or a shore excursion. If you pick this option, the tour guide will ensure that you get back to the boat on time but see all the cool sites.

Tourme allows for a personalized, more laid-back way of sightseeing, but still receive the same benefits as paying for a local tour guide. Tourme’s locals can find where hidden gems are in the city that tourists would otherwise not be able to find.

To book a Tourme guide on your next trip, visit today.