Peg and Pog – Play Adventure App for Children Ages 3 to 5 | NewsWatch Review


There’s no escaping phones and tablets these days. But if our kids are going to spend a lot of time on these devices why don’t we at least make sure they’re developing and learning something at the same time.

Peg and Pog is a new app developed by app studio Kenikeni [pronounced: Kenny-kenny].

This play adventure app was designed to help children ages 3 to 5 build early vocabulary and become familiar with the world around them.

Your little tyke will play along with Peg and Pog and their adorable cat Cosmo as they journey through space, swim in the ocean, try on new clothes, tidy their bedroom and so much more.

They’ll have the opportunity to interact with each scene and setting by dragging and dropping characters, animals, and objects.

It’s like their own digital playground where they can create the scene however they want, while also learning.

Peg and Pog has a choice of 5 different spoken languages.

Each scene has a slideshow where kids can see objects and learn what they’re called and how they sound.

The Peg and Pog app is available for iOS devices. Simply head over to the App Store to download it today.