By: Nick Gambino

For those of you who love to stream music through Spotify and TV and movies through Hulu, things just got a lot sweeter. Spotify and Hulu have announced a bundle package that will only set you back $12.99 a month.

A Spotify Premium plan currently costs $9.99 a month while a Hulu Limited Commercials plan fetches $7.99 a month. Together that’s about $18, so the bundle saves you close to $5 per month.

If you’ve got an existing Spotify plan, you can “taste the Hulu goods” with a three-month trial run at $0.99 a month. This trial is unfortunately only available to those that have either never had a Hulu subscription before or haven’t had an active subscription in the past 12 months. If users don’t fall into either of these categories, they can only take advantage of the $12.99 package deal.

While Spotify is most certainly the best music streaming platform on the digital market, Hulu has always left something to be desired when it comes to video content. They’ve never been able to hold a candle to Netflix or Amazon when it comes to original titles or overall catalog.

Their niche has always been “next day TV.” If you want to see an episode of a show from the current season, you can do that through Hulu and without having to wait for an entire season to drop like you would on Netflix.

Now to be fair, their catalog has received a much-needed upgrade in recent years. For example, you can stream all seasons of Seinfeld, arguably the greatest comedy of all time. And with the recent removal of Fox and FX shows from Netflix, users can head on over to Hulu to watch shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Family Guy.

If you decide to sign up for the Spotify and Hulu package, Spotify will handle all of the billing. And again, this is only for the Hulu Limited Commercials plan. So, if you hate commercials while you’re trying to stream (like myself), this may not be as enticing a deal as it seemed at first glance.

But if you’re budget-conscious, this might be a way to cut down on your monthly output.


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.