Vite Ramen – World’s First Nutritionally Complete Ramen | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Let’s face it, the fast, easy to prepare instant ramen makes its way into our meals more often than we care to admit. Unfortunately, they’re just not very good for you. But lucky for you, we found an instant ramen that’s both healthy and delicious.

Vite Ramen is the world’s FIRST nutritionally complete instant Ramen.

It’s made in the USA, and they use no preservatives, keep the sodium level down, and the noodles themselves aren’t deep fried, unlike other instant ramen.

They even have more essential vitamins and minerals than most multivitamins in this ramen, which contains a whole 25% daily value of everything you need!

There are 25 grams of high-quality protein in Vite Ramen; as much as 4oz of ribeye steak, or 12 oz of tofu!

Every packet is filled with everything you need for the perfect meal – a flavoring sachet, an aromatic dehydrated veggie blend, an omega-3 rich oil pack, and a proprietary Noodtrient spice pouch.

But this wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t taste good, too. Chefs with experience in Michelin Star restaurants developed their three broths, which include Garlic Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken, and even a Vegan Mushroom Shio!

Head over to to get in on a meal that’s delicious, nutritious, and fast today!