DecorMatters – Helping Visualize Unlimited Design for Your Room | NewsWatch Review


There’s something that’s to be said about designing and decorating your home, perhaps instant gratification? But imagination only goes so far. Sometimes you need to see what furniture and designs look like in your exact living space before putting your muscles to work.

Enter DecorMatters.

Using advanced AR technology, the DecorMatters app helps you visualize unlimited design inspirations by placing them directly in the room.

Search and view unlimited home furnishings into your design and partner your design with family, friends, and professionals.

Slide anything from couches and throw pillows to rugs and more into the spot you want.

Once you’re done, publish your room for DecorMatters users to comment and like. Or you can share your room on another social platform, like Facebook and Twitter.

Searching for a new house and seeking to make it your ideal home? No problem. You can completely visualize what can be done with the space in 3D.

Once you buy your house, you can use it to finalize your design ideas and confirm a home renovation budget and furniture list.

Choose from a wide array of furniture and decorations from IKEA, West Elm, Wayfair, Crate and Barrel and so many more.

And if you think your room is truly unique, you can enter in the Design Contest for fun rewards.

Download the free DecorMatters app in the App Store today.