NATEDE by Clairy – Air Purifier for Your Home | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s a commonly known fact that plants have the ability to reduce pollution. But did you know that pollution is even worse when you go indoors?

NATEDE by Clairy is here to help combat this problem by fusing the natural benefits of plants with the power of technology with their Wi-Fi connected smart flowerpot.

NATEDE by Clairy is a natural air purifier and works with real plants. It’s an incredibly smart flowerpot and also the most beautiful design object you’ll ever see!

A lot of people think that air pollution is only outside, but in fact, it’s just the opposite. Indoor air quality is a major concern because buildings and homes are becoming much more sealed to reduce energy consumption.

Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution and we actually spend 90% of our time indoors. In fact, The World Health Organization even listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health.

Did you know that these harmful substances live in your air every day?

  • Benzene – used in plastics, rubber, detergents, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paint
  • Ammonia – found in window cleaners, floor waxes and fertilizers
  • Trichlorethylene – found in printing inks, varnishes, adhesives and paint removers
  • Formaldehyde – found in paper bags, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins and synthetic fibers

These are considered short-term exposure-related diseases, but long-term exposure can cause cancer. Millions of people die every year from indoor pollution-related diseases.

NATEDE by Clairy works with its made-in-Italy design and dual-part ceramic flowerpot. Inside the larger flowerpot, a technology unit combined to a fan directs the air from inside your home to the roots of the plant to be detoxified.

With indoor air quality, temperature and humidity sensors continually test the quality of your air. From there, the built-in Wi-Fi module sends real-time updates to your smartphone.

NATEDE by Clairy’s second iteration just launched on Kickstarter. So, learn how you can live in a healthier and happier environment by searching for “NATEDE” on Kickstarter today.