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Consumer Update

Skincare is a treatment you should always maintain, especially as you age.

If you’re looking for a place that does just that, check out Infinite Beauty. Infinite Beauty is an upscale boutique that offers comprehensive skin-treatment solutions and products. They aim to help customers find the personalized solution that works for them. This boutique is a comprehensive, skin-treatment solution in addition to products and medical spa services.

Infinite Beauty’s objective is to help each and every customer and to help them find personalized skin care solutions by employing the optimal combination of facial treatments and skin care products, all while offering refined, unique customer service.

By selecting the ideal combination of skin treatments and skincare products, you can be sure your skin will retain or regain its natural vibrancy.

Technology Therapy that Infinite Beauty Offers:

  • High-frequency Treatment
  • Microcurrent Therapy
  • Galvanic Therapy
  • Ultrasonic Wave System
  • Ultra-Scrubber
  • Perfectio Zero Gravity Machine
  • LED Therapy
  • HydraFacial MD Highlights

Advanced Technology Therapy treatments include revolutionary methods like High Frequency Treatment which produces electrical currents necessary for skin rejuvenation; Galvanic Therapy that pushes gentle currents into the skin through a conductive gel resulting in improved oxygenation and circulation; or even the Ultrasonic Wave System that uses intensive, cyclical sound waves that penetrate below the skin to the dermis and promote cellular repair and rejuvenation.

Other perfected techniques include Microcurrent Therapy, Ultra-Scrubber, and LED Therapy.

Whatever the skin tone or whether the customer is a man or woman, Infinite Beauty provides the skin treatment therapy that’s tailored to them.

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