New mobile apps are coming up every other day. According to the ‘daily time U.S’, millennials spent 223 minutes in 2017 on mobile media up from 107 spent in 2012. It is estimated that mobile internet usage in the U.S will grow to 190 minutes by 2019 up from 155 minutes in 2016. Statistics further show that roughly 14.2% of the time spent using a phone will go to mobile internet. Mobile games take up a substantial amount of people’s time and this means that online gaming takes and will continue to take a huge amount of mobile data.

The casino gaming apps

There is a general belief that iOS-based casino apps are of superior quality to Android ones. At around March this year according to statistics, Apple had around 900,000 apps while Android was passing the 750,000 mark. However, more than 76% of the total revenue goes to Apple while Android shares the remaining 24% with the other operating systems. Among the most popular casino iOS casino games in 2018 include Zynga Poker, Big Fish Casino and Hit it Rich. As for Android, World Series of Poker, Zynga Poker – Texas Hold ‘Em, Hot Shot Casino Slot, and Roulette Royal are on top of the list.

General Gaming statistics

In 2016, mobile gaming alone helped generate more than $35.6 billion in revenue in the U.S. The figure was expected to rise by around $5 billion in 2017. In 2016, mobile games accounted for 90 and 80 percent of the total revenues for Google Play Store and Apple App respectively. The statistics for the same year continued to show that Asia is still the largest region based on games revenue. North America was the second largest region having generated $6.9 billion. However, the Asian market is three times bigger than North America in terms of mobile games revenue. In the last quarter of 2016, around 2.8 billion people worldwide were active users of mobile games on a monthly basis. In the same period in 2015, the figure was 2.7 billion.

On average, a U.S gamer played 3.6 games per month in early 2016 and 1.3 games per day. According to certain studies, action and Arcade games are the most favorite games. These games were downloaded more than 60 million times by mid-2016. Further statistics show that strategy games were the ones which brought in the largest amount of revenue. While Arcade games raked in $87 million in the month of July 2016, strategy games brought in $194 million. At the end of 2017, statistics showed that the penetration rate of mobile gaming in the US will be more than 60 percent and it will reach 63.7 percent in 2020.

Several surveys done on mobile apps in 2017 show that there are more iOS apps going cross-platform to Android than the other way round. This means that there are more iOS-based apps which are also compatible with Android devices than android apps which can be installed on iPhones. This is an indicator that the iOS devs are now looking beyond the smaller market of Apple and targeting the very large android market. On the other hand, it seems android devs are not incentivized enough to make their apps compatible with iOS.