Stealth Hitches – Discreetly Designed Hitch to Haul Any Vehicle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

You don’t need to sacrifice the elegance of your car to carry your active lifestyle. When you drive to your next big adventure, tow in style. Stealth Hitches are truly made to be hidden.

If you want to know why Stealth is Better, we got a few things you should know:

  • Invisible – completely hidden, no knee banger, and no unsightly hitch
  • Improved towing – higher towing capacity, eliminates towing movement, no banging at starts and stops
  • Safer – crumple zones protected, complies: highest global standards, made in the USA
  • Maintains Clearance – no more scraping, ground clearance unaffected, and no permanent parts under the vehicle
  • Durable – made from stainless steel, no rust, and a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to Use – auto latching, integrated lock, and vehicle sensor safe

Tucked neatly under the back of your car bumper when not in use, this hitch’s discreet nature maintains your car’s original appearance. The hitches are made from stainless steel right here in the USA, complying with the highest global standards.

They’re also extremely safe, as they protect the crumple zones designed by the vehicle manufacturer. Because the hitch is tucked neatly behind your car, it will not get in the way of your backup camera, car sensors, or affect your ground clearance. Stealth Hitches are made specifically for each make and model for an accurate fit.

No drilling, welding or cutting of visible surfaces.

So, whether you’ve got a sedan, convertible, SUV, or even sports car, you know you’re getting the right hitch for your car.  A rack receiver for bike racks or a ball mount for towing can be inserted or removed in seconds, without tools. And with simple installation, you’ll be rearing to go in no time at all.

So, get on the road with Stealth by calling us or heading to today.

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