Sports Made Easy – Connecting Tennis and Golf Players, Coaches, and Clubs | NewsWatch Review


If you’re looking for a partner to play tennis or golf, where do you look? What about the venue to play at – how do you go about finding a new coach for your game? There really wasn’t an answer, until now.

Sports Made Easy is an app designed for both iOS and Android devices that connects tennis and golf players, coaches and clubs.

If you are traveling to a new area and want to find a partner to rally with, simply open the app and search for nearby tennis players, coaches, and venues.  Get on the court in minutes with our real-time notification system.

Prefer to hit the links?  Easily find players to complete your foursome and get out on the greens as quickly as possible.  Be sure to customize your search and find players at your skill level. Within the app, you can quickly connect with nearby tennis courts and golf courses.

Designed for you to stay on top of your game, the app also provides access to exclusive sporting equipment deals and highlights upcoming events in your area. Sports Made Easy is currently available along the East Coast, with more locations coming soon.

If you would like to find your next playing partner, locate new venues, or simply learn more, search for Sports Made Easy in the App or Google Play Store today.

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